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This ritual oil is crafted for inviting in good vibes, uplifting energies, protection, abundance, and joy. It can be used universally for all of your needs! You can use this oil year-round for all of your favorite rituals and self-care.


*This Product does contain Almond Oil*




  • Almond Oil- abundance, prosperity, wisdom
  • Sunflower Oil- protection, health, fertility
  • Tea tree essential oil- Cleansing
  • Geranium essential oil- Keep away negativity, focus, guardian of protection
  • Cedarwood essential oil - Peace, clarity, stability
  • Calendula flower- Positivity
  • St. John's Wort- Connect with sun and masculine energy
  • Rutilated Quartz Chips- Spiritual Growth, illuminator

*Be sure to store in a dark cool place



  • Spend some time in the morning to invite in good energy. Take an orange or yellow candle and anoint the candle with a few drops of the oil. Safely light the candle and sit quietly or do sun salutations welcoming the sun's energy into your day. You may use a crystal such as sunstone, pyrite, or citrine to meditate with as well.
  • After you shower or take a bath gently massage the oil into your skin imagining a golden light of protection surrounding you

Golden Light Ritual Oil

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