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In times of uncertainty, hopelessness, feelings of disconnection, or anxiety, hides a secret garden ready for rebirth. Clear out the space, plant new seeds, and watch the beauty unfold in front of you. 


Crafted with natural soy wax, hemp wick, Honey Suckle fragrance, and adorned with passionflower and rose petals for love, compassion, beauty, and new life. A pathway of smokey quartz and ruby leads you to connect with earth energy and transformation. 


-         Grab a journal and set the mood of your space

-         Light your candle and fit a comfortable seat, set a timer, and take a few centering breaths

-         Close your eyes and begin to reflect on how you are feeling

-         Begin to envision a gateway leading to a secret garden that needs love

-         Meditate in this garden, clear out the old, release what no longer serves your and begin to plant new needs

-         Watch as the beautiful garden grows new life, and your energy begins to transform and lifts your spirits


Candle Safety:

Trim wick to ¼ inch before burning. To prevent fire and injury do not leave candles burning unattended. Keep out of reach from children, pets, drafts, and anything flammable. Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours

Secret Garden Candle

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